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Precious Little Hands Childcare Center

A second place to call home

702 B Kirkwood Highway Wilmington Delaware 19805 (Elsmere location), and

111 South Lincoln Street Wilmington Delaware 19805 (Wilmington location).

Our Elsmere location presently participates in the Delaware Stars, a Quality Rating System.


Precious Little Hands Childcare Center is a Christian based childcare facility with a mission to provide families with a second home, a peace of mind, a comfortable and secure environment...


Our vision for Precious Little Hands Childcare Center is to become the first and only choice for current and prospective families looking for an early childcare center to call a second home....


Precious Little Hands Childcare Center believes that the care of your child is one of most important considerations when you don’t work from home.  You should be fully comfortable and confident...

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About Us

Once enrolled you will be required to download the Tadpoles app to review your child’s daily reports. These reports include photos, videos, notes, activities, naps and what transpired throughout the day. Reports will be automatically sent to you once your child is signed out at the end of the day. These reports are accessible via your phone app, laptops or computer. In addition, you are required to view your child’s reports daily to ensure that you bring in the required supplies needed for the next day. The app is also convenient for parents who would like to communicate with the teachers, especially for our infants. Parents are encouraged to input their child’s nap time, feeding and diaper changes before dropping off in the a.m.

What We Offer?


Our infant rooms are designed for ages six weeks to 15-18 months of age. The rooms are designed to replicate that of a cozy nursery at home.


For the toddlers, this age group thrives on new experiences and we intend to ensure that they have lots of these.


Preschool is the beginning of a very exciting time in the life of a young child. While most may think that we “play all day”, the reality is that the kids are learning through play!

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